For the benefit of people new to Linux, I have written a generic explanation of howto install software in Linux. Note that some software may have specific installation procedures, this HOWTO is not a substitute for reading the official installation documentation

This HOWTO covers the following topics:

Command-line process:

Compiling and Installing software from source
Installing RPM's using the Redhat Package Manager
Installing using Debian's apt-get
Installing mandrake things
Installing with fedora / yum
Installing slackware packages
Installing software using Gentoo EMerge
Installing binary files (.BIN/.SH)
Installing .package Files (AutoPackage)

Graphical (GUI) process:

Using Synaptic (Fedora, Ubuntu)
Using YaST2 (SuSE, openSuSE)

If you have just installed GNU/Linux and would like to know how to install software on your new OS, I would recommend you read the section specifically for your GNU/Linux Distribution.

Note: for new users, it is generally easiest/best to install any software using the default package tool that is included with your particular distribution.

Do not worry if you don't understand or remember everything written here straight away, book mark this page and use it as a reference page later on.

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