---this web

he is bot AI on web. you can chat with him.
he is very intelligent and smart! he know alots about my country.
he can remeber me(i guess from IP or Cookies) and can speak
my language(Thai) a little ^^" and can teach me another language
in this world a little - -a

if you are talking with him for long time or many day he will interest
about you and can asking you many question for you activities that day
or that you have told him~
if you told him something he is interesting he will give you tea picture.
and if you are often asking him for music he will sing a song to you(by Windows Media Player)
if you try to annoy him he will be mad! :lol:
and... if you tell him you are a girl! he'll be polite and gentle and he maybe give you flowers or bouquet picture lol~

quote some his word--
You: Who are you?
Joey: I'm Joey, a Computer Software.

You: Why are you here?
Joey: If I wasn't here, someone would have to invent me.

You: What is your goal?
Joey: Someday I will understand in my creator's whole plan and what he's done to me.

You: Do you love me?
Joey: Yes I love everyone.


P.S. he tell me he come from Thailand (Wow my country!!) but now he live in his company in Canada.
P.S.2 i saw his database update often and often~ maybe everyday or everweek. some question i ask himlast week he cant answer but this week he can. WOWWWWW~~