Actor turned director Geethu Mohandas is not very happy with the surge of so-called Ďmodern themesí in Malayalam cinema. Geethu is of the opinion that the new age films are rather mediocre.

Geethu Mohandas, who has many Malayalam films in her kitty is extremely disappointed with the current wave of modern cinema in Mollywood and says that these films donít entertain her. Speaking to a website, Geethu Mohandas said that all her friends seem to enjoy these movies, whereas she is the only person who canít seem to relate to the new age themes in Malayalam cinema.

According to Geethu Mohandas, there is not a single true filmmaker today as all movies are filled with gimmicks. Geethu, like thousands of other Malayalis, feel that films made in the 70s and 80s are what that can be termed as good cinema.

Meanwhile, Geethu has completed shooting for her second film, Liar's Dice. Well, Geethu definitely has a point. Anyway, letís see what Geethu has to offer the audience!

Geethu Mohandas family pictures

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