Jennifer Lopez dethroned Lady Gaga as the world’s most powerful celebrity, according to a list published Wednesday by Forbes magazine in which the queen of US television Oprah Winfrey came in in second place.

The singer of numbers such as “Let’s Get Loud” and “Love Don’t Cost A Thing” has hurtled upwards from the No. 50 slot she occupied last year in the magazine’s ranking of the 100 most influential movie, TV, music and sports stars.

“The Latina…parlayed her position as a judge on American Idol into hit singles, increased album sales, an upcoming world tour, three new movies and a growing portfolio of endorsements,” wrote Forbes, which measures the fame, power and earnings of the stars.

JLo, who last summer separated from Marc Anthony, amassed earnings over the past year of $52 million, more than double the $25 million she earned the previous year, according to the figures compiled by Forbes.

The star, who is of Puerto Rican origin, unseated New Yorker Lady Gaga, from the No. 1 spot on the list, with the former top celebrity falling to fifth place because she did not tour much recently, although she also earned $52 million and her influence on the social networks continues to be “tremendous”.
Meanwhile, Jennifer Lopez is like fine wine, she just gets better with age. At 42, the American Idol judge gives some of the world’s top supermodels a run for their money in a new swimsuit shoot.

The singer sets temperatures soaring as she shows off her famous curvy assets in an array of scorching swimsuits for a sizzling Vogue magazine shoot.

The Latin star is seen sitting in a fashion forward pose as she displays plenty of decolletage in a gaping rust coloured one-piece with a down-to-there plunge.

Her hair is slicked back wet and she wears neutral make-up on her complexion. In another snap, the Dance Again star stretches her famous figure out next to the pool as she takes in some rays in a daring black criss cross Herve Leger ensemble.

Her muscular abdominal muscles can be seen rippling, even from side on. The design of the swimsuit is certainly on trend but possibly quite unforgiving when it comes to tan lines.

J-Lo is a fitness freak and is regularly expertly whipped into shape by personal trainer to the stars Tracey Anderson. The actress has said in the past that everything from looking after her skin, her intensive workout regime and healthy eating plan is all a concerted effort to stay in great shape.

‘The thing is, it’s part of my job’, she has said of looking good.

‘I don’t want anybody thinking it’s easy. It does take time and it’s hard work. HDTV wide-screen is nobody’s friend!’ she added. Jennifer is currently promoting her new movie What To Expect When You’re Expecting.

Yesterday she appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres show with co-star Cameron Diaz, with the pair laughing off rumours that they didn’t get along.

‘They made [rumours] up about us on this movie,’ Cameron told Ellen about the magazine reports,’…that we wouldn’t talk to each other and there were all these cat fights…’

‘I was like, “I haven’t even seen her yet…give us a chance to get in the room,” Jennifer added, before the co-stars indulged in a play catfight together on the studio’s couches.

‘They always want women to be cat fighting,’ Cameron complained. ‘They are always pitting women against each other. Are the men all sword fighting? That doesn’t happen.’

Cameron said she chose not to read gossip or tabloid magazines, saying: ‘It gives me that ugly feeling inside. It makes my stomach turn a little bit when they make up stuff like with this movie when they said we wouldn’t talk to each other.’

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