Internet Security Systems' BlackICE Server Protection software offers professional strength protection for Web, file, database, or software servers. By merging advanced intrusion detection with a commercial strength firewall, BlackICE provides a strong one-two combination to guard server-based information against attack or misuse.

BlackICE Server Protection's intrusion detection abilities automatically detect and block malicious activities by monitoring all inbound and outbound traffic passing through the server. Users are instantly alerted of an attack, and can easily identify the source and the method being used. Once an attempt is detected, BlackICE Server Protection automatically blocks traffic from that source so that the intruder is no longer a threat. BlackICE Server Protection also provides exhaustive reporting on attacks common to servers, such as CGI script access.

BlackICE Server Protection delivers bulletproof protection, with defenses against specific attacks directed at Windows NT or 2000 servers. BlackICE Server Protection detects, identifies and blocks attacks before they can compromise a system. Protect your home network or small office with BlackICE Server Protection.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, you can free download and get a free trial.

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