A truck, speedy coming after a curve, passed over the parapet of a bridge and overturned into a river. In passing, he hooked a teenager, who was sitting there admiring the landscape. Following the accident, the teenager remained invalid, without a hand and a leg. The culprit was to pay him alimony until his full age and, if he followed higher education Ė what happened Ė up till the end of them. Itís normal, isnít it? But, in the same accident the culprit, the driver of the lorry, died. The alimony has paid by his wife, a woman without qualification who must work as washerwoman, in order to maintain her own kids and pay pensions, "inherited" from the deceased husband. The pain was immense to the teenagerís parents. However, their income was nearly ten times larger than the driver's wife, which has not prevented them from receiving the money. Do you find it normal?