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Thread: Why are we forced to post?

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    Default Les accents français

    Apparemment, quelques accents ne passent pa. Je renvoie une partie de mon message pour m'assurer que je n'ai pas fait de fautes d'orthographe.
    Ton Anglais me semble très bon. Je suis sûr qu'on enseigne l'Anglais dans les écoles françaises. Est-ce que tu programmes en Français? Je serais intéressé à le savoir.

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    It's just getting you to stay on the forums, and tell your friends and they'll tell their friends and so on and so forth. It's just ot advertise. They make the money through the money other people give them for advertisment banners. Once they put up a banner they can get paid for it, and having people see those banners, may help them get more money. I'm not sure if this made sense to people, I hope so, I am not always good at explaining

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