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Thread: Katrina Kaif taken in by cricket fever

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    Default Katrina Kaif taken in by cricket fever

    Katrina Kaif has a strange problem. Every time she shoots with Hrithik

    Roshan, she has plenty of time at hand. Thing is she gets ready in a jiffy, while Roshan Jr takes hours to come out of his vanity van. The other day Katrina was laughing that she often gets ready before her heroes and if the hero is Hrithik Roshan then God save her. Now to while her time, she has started playing cricket with the crew members. That way she doesn’t feel bored and it’s a good way to stay fit too. The actress also stated that she had no issues waiting on the set. In fact, she loved whiling away her time on the set. So unlike other actresses, there are no tantrums from Katrina when she’s made to wait. Now you know why actors love to work with her.

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    This is another great way of keeping herself fit and fine..I can observe Katrins's cricket fever..It sounds like she has become mad about cricket and enjoying it up to large extent..

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    Default cricket is a game

    cricket is a such a game that in season it coughs every one

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