After the unofficial strike in Kollywood, new films are beginning to hit the theatres. And now we are looking forward to a lip-smacking box office battle between Ajithís Billa 2 and Karthiís Saguni.

Billa 2 was looking at a June 22 release while Saguni was eyeing July 7, as per industry reports.

However, in a sudden turn of events, Studio Green, the makers of Saguni, now want to release their film on June 22.

ďSaguni is being censored on Monday and we are confident that it would get a clean ĎUí certification.

The promos will start in full swing thereafter and we are releasing Sagun on June 22,Ē producer Gnanavel Raja told DC.

The film will be released in 850 screens worldwide including Andhra, Karnataka, Kerala, North India and overseas.

Billa 2 is expected to go to censors early this week and producer Aascar Ravi is confident that he can also make the June 22 release.

While Billa 2 is the story of how a naÔve Sri Lankan refugee David, who becomes a dreaded international don Billa with two hot babes Parvathy Omanakuttan and Bruna Abdullah, Saguni is a political satire where Karthi plays mind games. Now, this seems like a battle royale.

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