Anushka Shetty has done a few stunts on her own, within permissible limits, in T-town films Billa, Arundhathee and Panchamukee.

Sources also reveal that the sultry beauty had studied martial arts for certain fight sequences in Selva’s Irandam Ulagam.
But the news that Anushka did a few daredevil train stunts for Alex Pandian came as a big surprise to many.
For a particular scene, Karthi and Anushka had to jump from a running train into a river below as the villains Milind Soman and Suman chased them in a helicopter.
The duo was keen on doing the shot without substitutes, much to the shock of director Suraj! Everyone in the unit was terrified, but fortunately the two did the risky shot in perfect sync and it was captured beautifully on camera.

Anushka Shetty more stills

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