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    General Awareness
    1. Which company's famously advertised vision statement is 'The Network is the Computer'?
    (a) Cisco Systems
    (b) Lucent Technologies
    (c) Sun Microsystems
    (d) Nortel Networks
    Answer : (c)
    2. The software company I-flex Solutions was originally a division of which famous financial services company?
    (a) Citicorp
    (b) ICICI
    (c) HSBC
    (d) ABN Amro Bank
    Answer : (a)
    3. Which former advertising personality has recently been named the Undersecretary of State for 'public diplomacy and public
    affairs' of the US in an exercise to rebrand the US following the September 11 terrorist strikes?
    (a) Charlotte Beers
    (b) Jay Chiat
    (c) Martin Sorrell
    (d) George Lois
    Answer : (a)
    4. Which premium international range of luggage was recently launched in India by BlowPlast?
    (a) Samsonite
    (b) Strolley
    (c) American Tourister
    (d) Delsey
    Answer : (d)
    5. This year saw the launch of Yahoo!, and the famous launch of the Orange mobile phone service in the UK.
    Which year was this?
    (a) 1992
    (b) 1994
    (c) 1995
    (d) 1993
    Answer : (b)
    6. Henry Ford revolutionised the car market with the first mass- produced car, the Ford Model T. In which year was it
    (a) 1924
    (b) 1912
    (c) 1908
    (d) 1897
    Answer : (c)
    7. Which company owns the beer brands Haywards 2000, Hi-Five and Lal Toofan?
    (a) United Breweries
    (b) Millennium Alcobev
    (c) Shaw Wallace
    (d) Mohan Meakins
    Answer : (c) 8. Which company owns the footwear brand - Stryde?
    (a) Woodland
    (b) Bata
    (c) Tata International
    (d) Hindustan Lever
    Answer : (c)
    9. It was the brand that made David Ogilvy famous. Which shirt brand's ads had the famous man with an eye patch in the
    1950s, which catapulted David Ogilvy to fame?
    (a) Van Heusen
    (b) Arrow Shirts
    (c) Hathaway
    (d) Dockers
    Answer : (c)
    10. Which TV channel has been in the news for its coverage of the Bin Laden crisis, especially for having carried all broadcasts
    of Osama Bin Laden to audiences in West Asia?
    (a) Star Asia
    (b) BBC Asia
    (c) Al Jazeera
    (d) Khaleed Times
    Answer : (c)
    30. The Essar group of companies has been promoted by
    (a) Ruias
    (b) Ambanis
    (c) Goenkas
    (d) Kanorias
    Answer : A
    31. One of the following liquor brands is not owned by United Breweries
    (a) Kalyani Black Label
    (b) Blue Riband
    (c) McDowells
    (d) Bagpiper
    Answer : (d)
    32. Amtrex air conditioners has a technical collaboration with
    (a) Sanyo
    (b) Mitsubishi
    (c) Hitachi
    (d) Carrier
    Answer : (d)
    33. Marlboro Cigarette is owned by
    (a) ITC
    (b) Godfrey-Philips
    (c) Philip Morris
    (d) British American Tobacco
    Answer : (c)
    34. Who is the CEO of Microsoft?
    (a) Bill Gates
    (b) Paul Allen
    (c) Larry Ellison
    (d) Steve Ballnes
    Answer : (d)
    35. One of the following is not an Insurance Company (a) ICICI Prudential
    (b) HDFC Natwest
    (c) OM Kotak Mahindra
    (d) Birla Sun Life
    Answer : (b)
    36. What is the currency of Portugal?
    (a) Escudo
    (b) Guilder
    (c) Mark
    (d) Schilling
    Answer : (a)
    37. One of the following personalities is not associated with the Indian auto sector
    (a) Suresh Krishna
    (b) Venu Srinivasan
    (c) Anand Mahindra
    (d) Venugopal Dhoot
    Answer : (d)
    38. One of the following companies is not in the area of air-conditioning & refrigeration (a) BPL
    (b) Thermax
    (c) Lloyd
    (d) Carrier Aircon
    Answer : (c)
    39. How many countries are a part of the European union?
    (a) 18
    (b) 15
    (c) 21
    (d) 12
    Answer : (b)
    40. Who is the attorney general of United States of America?
    (a) Ashcroft
    (b) Powell
    (c) Rumsfeld
    (d) Cheney
    Answer : (a)
    41. When was the generic domain name (Top Level Domain - TLD) .com introduced?
    (a) 1989
    (b) 1985
    (c) 1994
    (d) 1991
    Answer : (b)
    42. Who is the prime minister of Israel?
    (a) Benajamin Netanyahu
    (b) Ariel Sharon
    (c) Shaul Mofaz
    (d) Goldamyer
    Answer : (b)
    43. What was the significant about the purchase of a kilo of lychees on the French island of Reunion, located in the Indian Ocean?
    (a) They were the first lot of lychees exported from India.
    (b) It was the first official purchase using the new currency Euro.
    (c) It was done by to commemorate the release of the new France with Princess Diana's image on it.
    (d) None of these
    Answer : (b) 44. Which brand had the highest number of Web searches in 2001?
    (a) Google
    (b) Marlboro
    (c) Intel
    (d) Play Station
    Answer : (d)
    45. What is common to all of the following names - Eduardo Camano, Adolfo Rodriguez Saa, Ramon Puerta and Fernando de la
    (a) They were all former Presidents of Argentina.
    (b) They are the dreaded drug lords of South America
    (c) They own together 70% of the world's Silver mines.
    (d) None of these
    Answer : (a)
    46. The video games X box is a product of
    (a) Sega
    (b) Sony
    (c) Intel
    (d) Microsoft
    Answer : (d)
    47. It was acknowledged as the second-most dangerous computer virus in history, after the Love Bug virus. Name this virus,
    which struck in 2001
    (a) Melissa
    (b) Code Red
    (c) C-Brain
    (d) Major Domo
    Answer : (b)
    48. What does the letters XP stand for in the product Microsoft XP?
    (a) Extended product
    (b) Extra Pampering
    (c) Experience
    (d) Entry level product
    Answer : (c)
    49. Which business and media tycoon won the elections to become Head of State in Italy amidst widespread clouds of scandal?
    (a) Guillani Giovanni
    (b) Joe Pacci
    (c) Antonio Machiaveli
    (d) Silvio Berusconi
    Answer : (d)
    50. Which city is hosting the 14th Asian Games in 2004?
    (a) Manila
    (b) Busan
    (c) Beijing
    (d) Bangkok
    Answer : (b)
    51. Under what name is MTNL marketing its GSM based mobile telephony?
    (a) Swarna
    (b) Dolphin
    (c) Speed
    (d) Vayu
    Answer : (b) 52. What is the name of the branded petrol with cleansing additives that is being marketed by HPCL?
    (a) Power
    (b) Premium
    (c) Speed
    (d) Clean X
    Answer : (a)
    53. Under what name is MTNL marketing its CDMA based WiLL service in Mumbai and Delhi?
    (a) Dolphin
    (b) Swarna
    (c) Garuda
    (d) Seema
    Answer : (c)
    54. To which business group did the Ambanis of Reliance Group sell their holding in Larsen and Toubro?
    (a) RP Goenkas
    (b) A V Birla
    (c) Kanorias
    (d) Mittals
    Answer : (b)
    55. Name the brand that was launched and promoted by a famous father-son duo.
    (a) ICICI Credit cards
    (b) Parket Beta
    (c) Maruti Versa
    (d) All of these.
    Answer : (c)
    56. What is the sub brand of the new car that Toyota is launching in India?
    (a) Accord
    (b) Jupiter
    (c) C Planet
    (d) Camry
    Answer : (d)
    57. With which brand would you identify the famous advertising slogan 'Think Different'?
    (a) Apple
    (b) IBM
    (c) Wipro
    (d) None of these
    Answer : (a)
    58. Which country is the company Nestle head quartered?
    (a) Sweden
    (b) Switzerland
    (c) The Netherlands
    (d) Luxemburg
    Answer : (b)
    59. What is the brand name of the range of shoes and apparel for children under the age of five, that Reebok plans to introduce
    (a) Weebok
    (b) Kids
    (c) Kidsport
    (d) Tyke
    Answer : (a) 60. Which multinational packaged food company has an equity stake in Britannia?
    (a) Danone
    (b) Heinz
    (c) Frito Lays
    (d) Schweppes
    Answer : (a)
    61. Who is the chairperson of Bharti Group?
    (a) Raj Mittal
    (b) Alok Mittal
    (c) Sunil Mittal
    (d) Ramen Mittal
    Answer : (c)
    62. Which billionaire businessman has been elected Mayor of New York, replacing the popular Rudy Giuliani?
    (a) William Clay Ford
    (b) Larry Ellison
    (c) James Walton
    (d) Michael Bloomberg
    Answer : (d)
    63. Which insurance company, launched recently in India, will be using Snoopy from the cartoon series Peanuts in its advertising?
    (a) Aviva
    (b) HDFC Standard
    (c) MetLife
    (d) Sun Life
    Answer : (c)
    64. Which is the home country of the famous design firm Ikea?
    (a) Finland
    (b) Sweden
    (c) Switzerland
    (d) Denmark
    Answer : (b)
    65. 'One world. One family. One festival' - is the slogan used in advertising
    (a) Chinese New year
    (b) Hong Kong's annual shopping festival
    (c) Dubai's shopping festival
    (d) None of these
    Answer : (c)
    66. Which companies chips power more than 60% of the world's cell phones?
    (a) Nokia
    (b) Intel
    (c) Motorola
    (d) Texas Instruments
    Answer : (d)
    67. Who is the famous author of the book What they don't teach you at Harvard Business School?
    (a) Stephen R Covey
    (b) Mack McCormak
    (c) John Love
    (d) None of these
    Answer : (b) 68. Who is the RBI governor?
    (a) Venkatraman
    (b) Brijesh Mishra
    (c) Ranjith Sau
    (d) Bimal Jalan
    Answer : (d)
    69. Who is the Vice President of United States?
    (a) Al Gore
    (b) Rumsfeld
    (c) Powell
    (d) Cheney
    Answer : (d)
    70. Which is the leading international audit firm that is facing serious charges on account of lapse in accounting practices?
    (a) Ferguson
    (b) PWH
    (c) Arthur Andersen
    (d) KPMG
    Answer : (c)

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    You are genius.Destroy the bad spase.

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    Thanks for sharing information,your information are very helpful for me and increase my knowledge.
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    Looks like an IQ test paper

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    Thank you for the sharing general awareness !

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    General Awareness about water we consume.
    Old methods like straining water through muslin cloth, boiling is not enough for making the water safe and healthy.
    Electronic water purifier is convenient and hassle free and more better than a simple Water Filter.
    Its is also easy to install the Best water filters ; and this awareness should be made so popular and common that each and every house in India must have a water purifier in their homesw , BE it a village or any City
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    I read a survey about unhealthy water in rural areas of India, it was very sad.
    The water from bore well and tube wells are directly consumed.
    They need to be treated with the best water purifier, in order to get the safe drinking water which will not only benefit the health but also avoid diseases caused by contaminated water.
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    Thank's for sharing this.. !

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    Thank q for sharing most valuable information

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