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    Default What you think--

    Plese review my site

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    Some of the images are missing, maybe you are useing images from your computer and are not uploaded.
    and there is ""< at the top of the page.

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    Simple N Nice design
    U Should Work On Colou matching On ur Site

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    yeah what ariffin said it's really simple have some more images in not just banners liek have pictures at the top like the name of the website or something

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    Default My suggestion

    The suggestion "bepaloof" gave was very good try to
    immplement it.

    One more Point I would vlike to add, just see for yourself
    your site content is having a subject "Mailing list builder",
    well do you yourself follow it.

    Don't take me otherwise, one of the best way to earn online
    is being an affiliate, I feel you are trying your level best to
    generate money for yourself. But are you doing justice to yourself
    or your business?

    Well I feel it's "NO", because you are forgetting the most important
    part of internet marketing... it's building your own optin list. Your
    list is your goldmine, it's your virtual ATM.

    Just think for a second what you are doing, you don't have a optin
    form on your site, all the visitors comes and visit your links on the
    site, might be you earn something when they place an order.

    The program you are affiliated with is certainly building it's own
    opt-in list. Once in their list they can follow up with them, earn
    the list members confidence so that in the near future they can
    turn into a paying customers.

    It's a proven fact that a person is willing to buy a product or
    service(online) after being exposed to the sales page for 7-8 time.

    I hope you did understand my point, why waste you time and money
    simply diverting your visitors to your affiliate programs when you
    can yourself collect their email address. You can follow up with them
    whenever you like. Not only can you advert. your present affiliate
    program but also if you are having some other product you can
    advert it to them for free.

    My advise is please create a landing page and then forward your
    visitors to your affiliate programs.

    If you feel you want more help on this subject, pm me I will try to help
    you as much as I can.

    To your success

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    the images are missing pls fix it..

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    What do you think about this one >> Castings

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    Default What you think

    I havent tried, but I think you can send videos, or at least the links, to who you want, via the PM or Email buttons. As for the individual personalized page, I know nothing about it.Rotor Hello, Im 6 years old, Im shooting and editing a video myself, please rate my new video, thanks !!! kinder surprise spain kinder surprise eggs unboxing kinder surprise 2019 unboxing kinder surprise kinder surprise eggs unboxing bueno kinder surprise -


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