1. An Aching Jaw And Chest

If heart diseases run in your family and you’ve been trained to look out for those severe chest pains that could indicate a heart attack is on its way, then well done. However, did you know that sometimes heart attacks can give you other indications, like pain in your chest, arm, shoulder, armpit, abdomen and jaw? So if you find you have a mysterious jaw pain along with aching shoulders, stop what you are doing and seek medical attention immediately. You may not realise it then, but your quick call to action may be your saving grace.

2. Pain In The Lower Back

With so many of us slogging away at our computers, backaches are no strangers to us. Lower back pains are probably one of the most common kinds of pain people complain of these days. And they shouldn’t be ignored because, believe it or not, sometimes lower back pains can render you unable to work at a desk job anymore. Any pain in the back must be reported to your doctor, especially because lower back pain can indicate kidney troubles. It could be a kidney stone, an infected kidney or even a severe UTI. So never ignore back pains, because even if your kidneys are working fine, back pains become a chronic problem when left untreated for too long.

3. Severe Abdominal Pain

We’ve all had a stomachache after a night of bingeing. But if you find that you have severe abdominal pain when you’ve been eating healthy, it should be a cause for concern. Fact is, an abdominal pain can indicate many things, since it is home to many organs. It could be a problem with your kidneys, uterus, lungs or worse, an appendicitis attack. Sometimes abdominal pain can also be pancreatic or an infected gall bladder. A swollen liver will also give you abdominal pains, which are because you have contracted Hepatitis C. It is best to get such mysterious pains checked out at the earliest.

4. Pain In The Calf Muscles

Most of us think that aching calf’s can only be related to a morning spent running on the treadmill. And that is in fact correct. But if you find that you have a mysterious calf pain without working out, it could indicate something else is wrong. You might have Deep Vein Thrombosis, or clots in veins that are putting pressure on proper blood circulation. So don’t ignore this mysterious pain; it could be life threatening.

5. Burning In The Hands And Feet

Often enough, you will sleep in the wrong pose or sit with your legs tucked underneath you for long enough to cut off circulation. This will cause a burning sensation and a strange tingling. But if you find that you are having burning sensation in the hands and feet more often without really sitting in a folded position, it could mean you have peripheral neuropathy. That means that there has been some nerve damage in your body and the loss of sensation and burning in your hands and feet are just a sign. The cause could be alcohol abuse, dehydration, diabetes or shingles. In any case, getting this checked immediately is highly advised.

6. Vague, Unexplained Aches

Usually an ache in some part of the body means that there is a problem in that local area. But at times, people find they have unexplained pains throughout their body. Get it checked immediately, because this could be a sign that you have Fibromyalgia. It affects more women than men, and heightens sensitivity towards a pain or just a mere pressure, so much so that you’ll find your body aches more often than before. It could be a headache, a back pain or even aching legs. So don’t ignore the fact that you have been experiencing a multitude of pains lately.

7. Testicular Pain

Simple fact – any kind of testicular pain is bad news, so don’t ever ignore it. It could be hernia, cancer, testicular torsion or just an infection. But no pain in one of your testicles can ever be good news, or worth ignoring. After all, you wouldn’t want to lose one of your testicles simply because you were too lazy to see your doctor, would you?

8. Severe Headaches

We’ve all suffered from headaches at some point. While sinus headaches, migraines and stress headaches are just a few kinds, but have you experienced a headache that descends suddenly and feels more like a thunderclap? Don’t ignore this; this is a sign that you may be having TIA or Transient Ischemic Attack. This happens when an artery is blocked and can result in a stroke if left untreated.

9. Testicular Pain

You might have read on your tampon box that leaving a tampon in for too long can give you pelvic inflammatory disease. Well, that is what you might be suffering from if you have recently noticed that you have pelvic pains during intercourse. In fact, it is a good idea to never ignore any pain during sex. But this pelvic pain can be PID, which is a bacterial infection that is causing inflammation in uterus and fallopian tubes. However, even cysts can cause pelvic pains, as can uterine cancer. So don’t ignore any pain in the pelvic region.

10. Aching Joints

Everyone will tell you that with age your joints will start to ache. However, if you find that the ache has appeared too mysteriously, it could mean you have osteoarthritis, hepatitis or rheumatoid arthritis.

Ignoring any pain is never a good idea. In fact, if a pain persists for more than two days, have it checked by your doctor immediately. You’d be surprised to find how often serious ailments that could be life threatening in later stages can get diagnosed by just reporting a mysterious pain to your doctor.

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