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Thread: Take care of your child...

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    Default Take care of your child...

    Kids are angels. They give pleasure to your mind. Take care of them and enjoy yourself

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    Select glass baby bottles with medical grade silicone nipples. Ensure they don’t contain BPA

    Store childrens’ food and drink in reusable containers made glass if you feel comfortable with that.

    Buy baby and kid clothing made of organic cotton or simply layer non-organic clothing on top of an organic cotton under-layer.

    Select unbleached disposable diapers or use organic cotton cloth diapers. To make a case for using cotton diapers

    Use products free of preservatives, harsh detergents, perfumes, talc, and mineral oil on your infant.

    Avoid the sun all-together for young babies and put sunscreen on older children daily… and yourself!

    Shop around for eco-friendly baby gear such as strollers, car seats, and carriers. There are very few options however you should invest in very durable pieces to keep and use them for as long as possible. Donate your gear when you’re finished.

    Choose natural mattresses not treated with fire retardants and cover mattresses (conventional or natural) with pads and covers made from natural wool or organic cotton. Be mindful when selecting your baby crib too.

    Avoid toxic paints and furniture finishes in your nursery. Select low or no VOC products when possible.

    Use organic cotton bed-sheets and receiving blankets with low or no impact dyes. Wash in gentle non-toxic fragrance-free detergents.

    Go for homemade crafts and solid wood toys instead of the plastic and painted toys.


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