Taapsee Pannu has cleared the air on a buzz that she was the reason behind the fight between Mahath and Manchu Manoj.

In a statement, the 'Aadukalam' girl said, "First of all I was in Kurnool for my work when the whole incident took place so I was practically nowhere near the incident. The allegation on me is totally false. I know Mohan Babu uncle, Lakshmi, Vishnu and Manoj from the day I have entered the industry and they are a very important reason behind me being where I am today".

She said: "They have treated & protected me like a family member from day 1 till date & I can never be enough thankful for that. Mohan babu uncle always treated me like his daughter and I'm a like a small sister for lakshmi,manoj and vishnu! So it's only cheap of anyone to link me up with manoj and get publicity out of it."

"They have protected me from people who have tried to misuse my name. And its so sad n annoying to see someone dragging my name to make it a big issue and get noticed. I always prefer keeping myself dignified by not blaming or pointing at anyone for anything and it's unfair of anyone to drag my name and get publicity out of it. I'm in no relationship with anyone n manoj is like my brother," she added.

"I kept quiet all the time before this when I was blamed but now its crossing the limits of decency, no one has the right to drag n put me in bad light for their own cheap and selfish reasons. I have nothing to do with mahat. And I just feel bad bout the incidents that happened and sad that it's blown out of proportion. It's my kind and humble request to please let me work peacefully and not drag my name into it. Whoever is taking my name doesn't have anything to lose but I have a reputation which I have build for myself by working hard and I want that to be respected."

"I hope my statement is respected. It's the character of a girl in question and it's sad to see someone trying to spoil it for cheap reasons," she concluded.

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