An adult film star known as the ‘Queen of Clown Porn’ has died after a public battle with breast cancer, aged just 30.Hollie Stevens, from San Fransisco, California, died while holding her husband’s hand in hospital last Tuesday after the cancer spread to her bones, liver and brain. According to the Daily Mail report, Stevens, who married just last month, had performed in more than 170 films and was nominated for industry awards. She was also a pioneer of the niche genre, clown porn.
But before her death, she said she hoped to be remembered as a good wife and friend rather than for her professional accomplishments.
‘I hope people know I’m always myself. I take pride in what others think may be weird about me!’ she said, reported.
‘I’d also want people to know what I love most, what what makes me happy, is being a friend and a wife. That’s what I would want them to know and remember.’
She was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer last Spring and, after undergoing several months of chemotherapy, had her left breast removed.
Reports after her diagnosis noted that she had found a lump in her breast but put off seeking treatment as she did not have health insurance.
‘I noticed it and paid attention to it, but going to the doctor is hard when you don’t have insurance,’ she had said.Her friends, family and fans rallied around her, raising $16,000 for her medical bills.
‘I cannot believe how many people care, how good my fans are, and how much complete strangers have helped me,’ she said of the donations. ‘This is unreal. Not everyone hates clowns after all!’
Among those heading the fundraising campaign was dominatrix January Seraph, who asked clients to donate money in return for extra time in sessions with her.
On her blog site ‘’, Ms Seraph offered to provide half-an-hour extra bondage time to any client who made a donation of $50 towards The Hollie Stevens Medical Fund.
In July 2011, she said she was encouraging people to help Hollie out because her friend would never take the initiative.
She said: ‘She’s too proud to ask for help herself, so myself and her other great friends are being pushy and helping her out whether she likes it or not.’Show Hollie that she’s loved and appreciated in her time of need. Because no one should feel alone when they are ill.’But in December 2011, the cancer was found to have spread to her bones.
In March, a spot was identified in the actor’s leg and she underwent an operation in an attempt to strengthen her leg and hip.Cancerous cells were also found in her liver and several new tumours were discovered on and near the initial site.
She lost her battle on Tuesday July 3 in San Fransisco as she held the hand of her husband, comedian and actor Eric Cash, whom she married in hospital in June.
She had been regularly updating her fans on Twitter and Facebook with snaps taken from inside the hospital, where she appeared to remain upbeat and good humoured.
Images show her hooked up to drips and undergoing blood transfusions, while other messages noted how much she missed her new husband.
As well as working as a porn star, comedian and actress, Stevens also enjoyed painting and exhibited works in the Hyena Gallery in Burbank, SF Weekly reported.

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