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    Major Update: Nero 7 Premium

    Not just a regular update!

    This update represents a new Nero 7 milestone in the long list of free monthly updates! It is packed with new features for your favorite applications and even offers Blu-ray Disc data recording support.

    Check out the following pages and learn about the many enhancements that Nero 7Premium offers!
    Nero 7 - The Ultimate solution for Data, Video, Photo, Audio and BackUp! The redesign of the user interface improves the usability and makes Nero Burning ROM 7 the fastest to use ever. The access from Nero Burning ROM to the Nero Home database guarantees easy access to media files including advanced search options with Nero Scout.
    Nero 7 Premium enables you to experience your digital media in completely new and innovative ways. With the addition of a Nero Home media manager, you can now have the complete PC and TV experience. Whether you want to access your media files from the comfort of your living room, or complete digital media projects on your PC, Nero 7 Premium is all you need.
    Now, with more features than ever before, this powerful software can transform your digital photos into professional animated slideshows, backup all of your valuable data, manage or search your media files, edit video or photos, create DVDs (including menus), and stream your files over a media server, and compress files to take on the go.
    Now supports Blu-ray technology. Nero 7 Premium now gives you the ability to burn your data to BD-RE and BD-R (Blu-ray) media, which enables you to store enormous amounts of data (25-50 GB) onto a single disc.

    New Features at a glance:
    - Quick & easy access to all your digital media files from the comfort of your living room using a remote control
    - Integrates TV time-shifting, DVD, video, photo and audio playback
    - Easy wizard setup and user interface
    - Support for all popular media formats
    - Powerful database for storing and organizing of media files into playlists
    - Complete multiple tasks concurrently
    - Advanced search options with Nero Scout
    - Redesigned to maximize ease-of-use, efficiency and speed
    - LightScribe support
    - Support for DVD-R Dual Layer format and DVD+R Double Layer

    Content of Download Package Nero 7 Premium:
    - Nero Home
    - Nero Scout
    - Nero StartSmart 3
    - Nero Burning ROM 7
    - Nero Express 7
    - Nero WaveEditor 3
    - Nero SoundTrax 2
    - Nero Vision 4
    - Nero Recode 2
    - Nero ShowTime 2
    - Nero MediaHome
    - Nero PhotoSnap
    - Nero CoverDesigner 2
    - Nero ToolKit
    - Nero BackItUp 2
    - InCD 5
    - Nero SoundBox
    - Nero ImageDrive

    Features of Nero Premium 7 :

    Supported formats :
    - CD: CD-ROM, CD-ROM XA, Audio CD, Mixed-Mode CD, Video CD, Super Video CD, miniDVD, CD Extra, Bootable CD, HFS, ISO/HFS Hybrid, UDF, UDF/ISO Bridge, InCD discs
    - DVD : DVD ISO, DVD UDF, DVD ISO/UDF (Bridge), bootable DVD, DVD Copy on-the-fly and via image, DVD Images

    BackUp options :
    - ISO Level 1 + 2
    - Joliet with 2-byte characters
    - ISO Mode 1 and XA Mode 2
    - ISO, ASCII and DOS character sets
    - User-selectable ISO/Joliet-requirement relaxation
    - Dynamic ISO filename conversion
    - Single-track "on-the-fly" recording (up to 12X)
    - Small-file caching from disk and network
    - User-selectable file filters
    - Multimounter
    - Complex read-error handling
    - Editable file structure and file names
    - Multisession with track linking
    - Full OFAS support (optimal file-access speed)
    - Bootable CD creation (from floppy disk or hard drive partition)

    Audio Track options :
    - Retrieve title/artist info from free Internet CD database (
    - Local database creation supported
    - Compatible with user programs and CD databases
    - Read and write M3U title playlists
    - Add CD Text to CD backups
    - Expanded file names for stored audio tracks (e.g., "The Beatles-Help.wav" instead of "Track01.wav")
    - Audio index dialog with innovative "oscilloscope" display
    - Track-at-Once / Disc-at-Once / Session-at-Once recording
    - Extract multiple audio tracks
    - Fast digital audio extraction
    - User selectable audio extraction speed
    - Digital and analog playback
    - "On-the-fly" format conversion
    - Variable pause length
    - ISRC (song ID code) support
    - Graphical audio file display
    - Audio index (CD track index) support
    - Optional jitter/CRC correction
    - Click / hiss filters
    - Wide stereo / normalize / crossfade* / karaoke filters
    - Multiple filters for each audio track
    - Test and apply most audio filters in real time (as you play the file)
    - Drag and drop files directly from other CD drives

    CD Copy :
    - Track-at-Once / Disc-at-Once / Session-at-Once recording
    - Disc Image creation/burning
    - "On-the-fly" (drive-to-drive) copying
    - Complex read-error handling
    - Optional jitter/CRC correction
    - CD Extra / Multisession CD copying

    Disc Image options :
    - Track-at-Once / Disc-at-Once / Session-at-Once recording
    - Import HFS images
    - Write images from other platforms (*.ISO)

    Burn options :
    - Updated burning engine with lower CPU load, more robust burn process
    - Track-at-Once, Disc-at-Once, and Session-at-Once recording
    - CD recorder buffer display*
    - Disc-at-Once CDs no longer need to be finalised*
    - User-setable record-buffer size
    - Multiple copies of same disc / image
    - Automated performance testing
    - Automatic maximum-speed selection, burn simulation, and burning
    - Dynamically disable auto-insert notification
    - 80- and 90-minute CD-R support
    - Overburning*
    - BURN-Proof*
    - Extra-long joliet filename support

    Multi-function user interface :
    - Modern and familiar Explorer-type design
    - Drag and drop files from Windows Explorer, File Manager, and between Nero windows
    - Built-in file browser
    - CD content, information, and summary windows
    - Toolbar, status bar, multiple compilation windows, tips
    - Context-sensitive help and detailed help topics




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    Mera Bharat Mahan


    gr8 info dude
    will wait for some magazine to give a free demo on CD or DVD
    Cannot download such huge file

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    good work!
    thx for your sharing..


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