The box of a 55-inch TV gives the impression that you have ordered a new bike from some online store. But it takes under 10 minutes to set up this giant screen and get it running.

No mean fete when you consider that this expensive piece of equipment is going to change your home entertainment for ever.

New LG 3D smart TVThe new LG 55LM8600 3D Smart TV is one of the best designed televisions you will see in a long time. It is also the first design which has been able to reduce the bezel to a mere 1 mm. And the design is slim throughout, and there is no point which is more than an inch thick.

Thanks to the extra-thin bezel, the image is edge to edge. This gives a cinematic experience to even the regular 9 pm news bulletin. Of course, with this unit you can watch TV with HD clarity and the extra effects of 2D to 3D technology.

Gadgets & GizmosBut if you have real 3D content, you will realise that this is what this TV is made for. The sound too is really up to the task, considering you have a rather large screen to cover for.

The TV also has a very easy to use interface where nothing is complex. Instead of small text on a big screen, you can select options that appear like large tiles - a very thoughtful design intervention indeed. However, there is a slight lag when you move from one section to the other, which might put off people who are in the habit of shifting from one source to the other.

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