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Thread: (Project ZEROIN - Website Reviews) U got to help me friends

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    Default (Project ZEROIN - Website Reviews) U got to help me friends


    I am back with my latest project. Well this time i am not alone. I have along with me my friends Kuldip & Vivek. We are working on a blog or say a project and we need ur contribution. Its all about WEBSITE REVIEWS.

    Here is the link-

    If ever in ur net life you have chanced or came across a website which you think is of use and worth sharing with others then do let us know. We are ready to take in whatever you come across.

    You have so many options to help and contribute and become a part of this Project ZEROIN:-

    - You can send the link and we will review them. The credit of sending the link will be urs.
    - You can send a link as well as the review of the website or the webpage. We will publish with your name.
    - You can visit the several websites which we have found of great interest and send in your comments or your experiences through the 'Comment' link below every review.
    - Tell your other friends to visit this website and enjoy the best of this net world.
    - If you have any personal website then send its link too with ofcourse a brief review of it.

    The mediums to send:-

    -E-mail us at [email protected]
    -Reach us through the 'WRITE TO US' section on top at
    -You can also mail me at [email protected]

    If u r still confused then for the whole concept check the 'ABOUT' section and u will understand everything.

    Once done it will be a cool place for you to be in everytime you get set on the net. So we are waiting for your inputs. And if u don't have anything to do then browse the website and leave a comment or two...we shall be glad to hear from u.

    Hoping for a +ve response from u. We want to make it a huge platform and database for the best and useful of the web world. Don't worry. We don't have any advertisements programmes attached with doing all this. You will find no advertisements on this website except which are really necessary. Its all for you friend.

    Believe me you'll start loving this INTERNET world. For your ease we have put in around 20 websites of the best use and interest.

    Take care n Be well,
    Yours very own in this web world,

    YOGESH - Worlds LARGEST directory of SMSs. - Worlds LARGEST website of LOVE.

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    Don't u know that email id's are not allowed. There is a facility called Private Messaging. And why are u posting the same message in 6 forums? Bcos u are a good contributor, i think that u would not do this mistake again. Otherwise, i can't help u.


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