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Thread: Guide to a Free Wedding

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    Default Guide to a Free Wedding

    Here is a good guide to follow when arranging that “free” wedding”:

    * Be flexible with your wedding dates. This way you can see who is available when, and they may be able to fit in some free services in exchange for advertising.

    * Make your own invitations. There are a number of invitations you can print yourself or buy a wedding invitation kit at a store.

    * Have the wedding outside, say in a big beautiful backyard with a garden reception. Or try your church or country clubs someone may be members at, usually these are free for members (the church and the club). A beach wedding would be great!

    * For the cake, find a local bakery and ask them about exchanging the cake for advertising at the wedding. Same thing goes for the florist.

    * For the tuxedo, your dress and salon services; see if they would be willing to swap advertising for the items and services. You may be able to rent a spectacular wedding dress.

    * Photography, this is an easy one. Usually photographers are self employed, so they would love the free advertising for doing a wedding, ask them for a trade. Or you could get disposable cameras and place them on everyone’s table, then let everyone snap away. You can get them developed and put together your own wedding album. (you can ask everyone to bring a disposable camera in the invites)

    * Do an afternoon wedding. You will only need your cake and some hor’dourves, which can be made by family or friends.

    * Incorporate your Honeymoon and wedding together. You can have a Cruise or special destination wedding. Usually cruise weddings are free with the cruise and some destinations offer free weddings with your reservations.

    Many small local businesses would love to get the free advertising, try for the services as free first, if they don’t want to go free maybe discounted. Start looking around and asking for sponsors for your wedding. Start well in advance and make sure to be flexible. You may just end up with a free wedding!

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