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Thread: 1000 Arcade Games

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    Default 1000 Arcade Games

    1000 Games Full ISO
    This is a fully working ISO with 1000 Arcade Games with a very easy to use Program for easy

    installation and setup.
    Install Instructions:
    1000+ Games README
    Insert your CD and a menu will automatically open after
    a few seconds. Select the game you want using the
    cursor keys on your keyboard (on some systems
    you can also use the joystick to select).
    Hit ENTER to run the selected game.
    Press '5' OR Button number 5 on your joystick to INSERT COINS
    Press '1' OR Button number 6 on your joystickto SELECT 1 PLAYER MODE.
    Press '2' to SELECT 2 PLAYER MODE
    Press 'ESC' TO EXIT A GAME
    Press 'ESC' from the MENU to EXIT COMPLETELY.
    There are over 1000 arcade games on this CD.
    647 MB Total Size

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    Will try to download in the free time.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Pls edit ur signature. I can prevent ur signature from showing if i am mod of this forum.

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    Default 1000 Arcade Games

    What is code (password) to decrypt rar files



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