1.Always keep the spark of romance alive - Never must you let the spark die out. You should always express your feeling to your partner and try out ways to make him/her feel special even just without any occasion. The romance will make the relationship spicy and juicy. Even in the worst of times, you should make it a point to tell your beloved how much you love him/her. 'I Love You' are those three magical words which brightens up any face and makes the relationship grow fonder and more intimate.

2.Do not nag - Never become a nagging soul in front of your partner. That might do the entire bit to spoil your marital bliss. Maintaining a healthy relationship is important and you can do it only when you value your partner's likes and dislikes. Nagging is really harmful for maintaining harmony in your married life.

3.Exhibit mutual respect - To make a marriage healthy and happy, both the partners should mutually respect each other and value each other's emotions and feelings. Both might have a different attitude towards life, but then that's where your persistence and love towards each other makes your marriage happy.

4.Maintain lucid (honest) communication - For a happy marriage, you should have clear-cut communication between each other such that you can avoid all miscommunication. And as the words go - 'It's only words, and words that all I have to take your heart away'. Follow this, talk out your heart, do not keep any inhibitions and you shall rediscover the magic of your relationship every moment.

5.Be trustworthy - Faith, trust and loyalty - basic foundations of any marriage, plays an important role to make the marriage happy. Never lie to your partner or do not suppress facts from him/her - that might land you in trouble later and augment misconceptions.

6.Be Innovative - To keep your romance alive, be innovative at times. The daily chores of life takes away all the sheen and shine. To bring back that spark, do something innovative with each other that the surprise pleases your partner surprisingly. It shall definitely revive the magic of your relationship. Show the affection, care and love in a special way at times. It is needed!

7.Believe in Constructive criticism - Everybody, with their positive and negative traits makes this world a beautiful place to live in. one should recognize each other's positive traits and criticize the negative traits in a manner that it doesn't hurt your partner.

8.Compromise - The biggest word in the marriage dictionary is compromise. Though opposites attract, yet leading everyday life with an entity who is entirely different from you takes immense persistence. You need to compromise a big time to sustain the marriage happily. Adjustment with each other is what makes the relationship healthy. And that should come from both the parties.

9.Do not forget special days - For a happy marriage, you should not forget the trivialities of a relationship. Do not forget the important dates in your life - when you might plan to surprise your partner. Making him/her feel the difference is absolutely necessary.

10.Share responsibilities - To keep a marriage healthy, happy and rejuvenating, you should share and delegate your responsibilities among each other such that there is balance at work and home. Team effort always gives you positive results.

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