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Thread: KoWXisle's Flaming text tutorial

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    Default KoWXisle's Flaming text tutorial

    Well my application got denied 6 times now, even though I entered actual info. Infact, I decided to use a different website to host, which I found is much better. However, I've decided that I'll still make tutorials... for some reason.

    Anyways, this tutorial will show you how to make text like this:

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    Step 1) Start a new document, make it as big as you need to fit your word in 150 pt text, I used 500 x 500 px.

    Step 2) Write your word in 150 pt text, hold control and hit e, to make this layer and your background layer merge.

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    Step 3) Hold control, and hit A to invert all the colors.

    Step 4) Add wind with Filter -> Stylize -> Wind

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    Step 5) Rotate your canvas by using Image -> Rotate Canvas -> 90* CW

    Step 6) Hold control, and hit F to add wind again

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    Step 7) Rotate your canvas back, by using image -> Rotate Canvas -> 90* CCW

    Step 8) Trim your image by using Image -> Trim use these options:

    Based on: Bottom right Pixel

    Trim away: Top, Right, Bottom, Left.

    Hit ok.

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    Step 9) Click the text tool, and type your word again, except make sure it's in black, it HAS to be the same size as the first word(150), and the same word(KoW in my case).

    Step 10) Rasterize your type using Layer -> Rasterize -> Type.

    Step 11) Move your text into the lower left corner, it should cover your first word perfectly, if it didn't, it means you used wind and rotated it more than 2 times.

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    Step 12) Click on your background layer.

    Step 13) Edit the color balance by using Image -> Adjustments -> Color Balance. Use these settings:

    Click midtones, it is usually selected by default.

    type in the first box 100, and in the third box -29.

    Click Shadows

    Type in the first box 91, and in the third -59.

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    Congratulations, you are done.

    Show me what you guys come up with.

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    Also, if you merge the layers with Control + e, and then invert them by hitting control + i, you'll get icy text.

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    Oooh Pretty, what program did you use for this. It kinda makes me think of photoshop or whatever, either way really neat, if I find out what program this is I have to try it out. The text is sweet.

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