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  1. What is FreeBSD

    Started by manujyothi, 02-01-2014 06:51 AM
    dec alpha, freebsd, intel pc, linux, linux kernel
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    Last Post: 08-22-2019 11:16 PM
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  2. GIMP- Software

    Started by sherlyk, 04-01-2014 07:03 AM
    computer architectures, gimp, gplv3+, graphics editor, lgplv3, linux, microsoft windows, peter mattis, spencer kimball, windows
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    • Views: 2,343
    Last Post: 07-24-2014 05:43 AM
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  3. Advantage Internet Server functionality

    Started by sherlyk, 04-01-2014 05:10 AM
    advantage internet server, database server, html, html architecture, linux, netware 5, virtual private network, vpn, windows
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    • Views: 1,548
    Last Post: 04-01-2014 05:10 AM
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  4. WinFF - Graphical Software

    Started by sherlyk, 03-27-2014 04:09 PM
    digital camera, ffmpeg, graphical software, graphical user interface, gtk+, gui, internet videos, linux, media player, microsoft windows, open source, phone, video files f, winff
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    • Views: 1,636
    Last Post: 03-27-2014 04:09 PM
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    • Views: 11,379
    Last Post: 03-27-2014 04:05 PM
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  5. GCompris software

    Started by sherlyk, 03-24-2014 06:00 AM
    c++, gcompris, gnu, linux, mac os x, python, qml, software, widget toolkit, windows
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    • Views: 1,572
    Last Post: 03-24-2014 06:00 AM
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  6. Using the Floppy Disk Drive in Linux

    Started by sherlyk, 03-18-2014 04:25 PM
    desktop icon, explorer, floppy disk drive, linux, macos, windows
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    Last Post: 03-18-2014 04:25 PM
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  7. MIDItrk

    Started by sherlyk, 09-24-2013 06:55 AM
    alphanumeric, cursor, end keys, enter key, home, linux, midi editor, midi inputs, midi-controller, miditrk, numeric keys, outputs, pageup, pattern numbers, qsynth sampler, rtmidi-library, sdl-library, sid-wizard layout, sound engine, tracker-style, tutka
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    • Views: 1,231
    Last Post: 09-24-2013 06:55 AM
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  8. Ultimate Boot CD

    Started by sherlyk, 08-21-2013 06:49 AM
    attributes, boot code, bootable cd, burning software, cdrom drives, diagnostic programs, diagnostic tools, floppy drive, ids, insert, insert environment, iptables, iso file, knoppix, linux, linux user, memory, monkey webserver, nessus, rdesktop, run floppy, samba client, server, snort, software, ssh, structures, testing tools, ubcd, ultimate boot cd, vnc, windows servers
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    • Views: 1,537
    Last Post: 08-21-2013 06:49 AM
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  9. Windows on Linux Desktop Candidates

    Started by sherlyk, 06-06-2013 07:21 AM
    administrative staff, adopters, communication, crm software, desktop candidates, desktop pcs, education, educators, hobbyists, it budgets, knowledge workers, linux, linux desktop, linux solutions, market vertical, pc installations, pc users, security enhanced linux, software, students, task-based workers, technical staffers, technologies, windows, windows application
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 2,118
    Last Post: 06-06-2013 07:21 AM
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  10. Connecting to Windows Terminal Services on Linux

    Started by sherlyk, 06-04-2013 07:03 AM
    applications, citrix, linux, linux users, mobile users, multiuser architecture, technologies., unix, users, windows applications, windows terminal services
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 1,776
    Last Post: 06-04-2013 07:03 AM
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  11. Porting Windows Applications to Linux

    Started by sherlyk, 06-01-2013 05:19 AM
    desktops, linux, linux migration, user, users, windows applications
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    • Views: 1,615
    Last Post: 06-01-2013 05:19 AM
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  12. The 5 most popular Linux distributions

    Started by sherlyk, 05-18-2013 06:08 AM
    cinnamon, classic gnome, commercial linux, computer, debian fan, desktop, fedora, linux, linux fans, mageia, mandriva linux, mint linux, red hat's community, rhel, ubuntu, unity path, users
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    • Views: 2,085
    Last Post: 05-18-2013 06:08 AM
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  13. Installing Linux on your Computer

    Started by sherlyk, 01-25-2013 06:55 AM
    apache, bios finishes, cd-drive, dns server, dual booting, emu, floppy diskettes, grub, hard-drive, hard-drive icon, installing linux, lilo window, linux, linux installer, machine, mail server, mysql, news server, reboot, software, superuser password, windows, windows box
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    • Views: 3,005
    Last Post: 01-25-2013 06:55 AM
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  14. Forget about viruses

    Started by sherlyk, 11-12-2012 04:29 PM
    activex controls, address book, administrator password, attackers, community., computer, developers, file control permissions, internet, knowledge, linux, linux viruses, local network, malware, microsoft windows, open source software, root user's password, security holes. linux is, system administrator, system folders, viruses target, windows
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 2,030
    Last Post: 11-12-2012 04:29 PM
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  15. 10 Linux Advantages for Your Business

    Started by sherlyk, 05-03-2012 03:26 PM
    administrator, backup settings, backup software, browsers, business, compatible hardware., compile driver modules, compiz fusion, crapware., desktop linux, gnome, graphics editors, ie6 browser, install drivers, internet, internet explorer, kde, linux, lock down actual users, malicious intent, mozilla browser, preferences easily, single monitor., software, software costs, upgrade hardware, windows version
    • Replies: 2
    • Views: 2,791
    Last Post: 09-19-2012 07:43 AM
    by alishalloyd  Go to last post
  16. What Linux Web Hosting

    Started by sherlyk, 11-03-2011 03:52 PM
    .net environment, asp, chat, customers, developers, flexibility, frontpage, high-end user base, inexpensive to install, it expert, linux, linux host, linux hosting, linux-based server, messaging systems, mysql databases, namely web developers, open source, php, pop3 mail, secure linux host, security, speed ., technologies, unix, users, visitors, web site, what linux web hosting, windows, windows hosting, windows platform, windows server
    • Replies: 2
    • Views: 3,996
    Last Post: 07-24-2012 10:44 AM
    by singam  Go to last post
  17. How To Install Software in Linux/GNU

    Started by sherlyk, 05-11-2012 11:08 AM
    fedora, gentoo emerge, gnu/linux, install software in linux, installing rpm, linux, linux distribution, opensuse, redhat package manager, slackware packages, suse, synaptic, ubuntu, yast2
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 2,478
    Last Post: 05-11-2012 11:08 AM
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  18. Top advantages of Ubuntu

    Started by sherlyk, 03-08-2012 06:23 AM
    customer, dialog boxes, eye candy, in ubuntu, linux, operating system, passwords, program.”, secure, top advantages of ubuntu, ubuntu 7.04, windows vista
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 4,529
    Last Post: 03-08-2012 06:23 AM
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  19. Advantages of Linux

    Started by sherlyk, 12-28-2011 06:44 AM
    advantage of linux, adware, backup server., computers, default desktop theme, file server, firewall, freshmeat, hardware, install linux, kernel, linux, linux advantage, linux desktop, linux distribution, linux operating system, linux software, microsoft licenses, microsoft products, open source, programmers, programming language, risking corruption, security, single computer, source code, spyware, text editor, third-party shell, users, virus protection software, viruses, widespread viruses, window managers, windows, yield hundreds
    • Replies: 1
    • Views: 2,704
    Last Post: 02-04-2012 06:47 PM
    by SatishSL  Go to last post
  20. ESET Cybersecurity for Mac

    Started by sherlyk, 01-27-2012 04:37 PM
    annoying pop-ups, cds, compromising security., disk scans, dvds, eliminates pc viruses, eset cybersecurity, files, firewire, key benefits, linux, mac, malicious third party, music, os x internet security f, os x malware, removable media, safe made safer, security updates, steal, usb, video, viruses, windows
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 1,578
    Last Post: 01-27-2012 04:37 PM
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  21. Disadvantages of Linux

    Started by sherlyk, 12-31-2011 10:14 AM
    advantages of linux, alternative programs, compatibility, guides for linux, hardware compatibility, incompetent, linux, linux application, linux developers, linux operating system, robust operating system., windows applications
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 4,992
    Last Post: 12-31-2011 10:14 AM
    by sherlyk  Go to last post
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 10,895
    Last Post: 07-27-2011 11:33 AM
    by melbin  Go to last post
  22. How to install Thunderbird 5 on ubuntu using PPA

    Started by melbin, 07-27-2011 05:22 AM
    linux, open source, thunderbird, ubuntu, unix
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 2,206
    Last Post: 07-27-2011 05:22 AM
    by melbin  Go to last post
  23. Sub division modeler

    Started by sherlyk, 07-20-2011 07:29 AM
    design world, linux, polygons, right dimensions, sub division modeler, various manufactures, various sectors, windows
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 1,039
    Last Post: 07-20-2011 07:29 AM
    by sherlyk  Go to last post
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