Ive had this phone for over a week now and absolutely love it.

Here's whats great:

  • 5.2in screen in a form factor that's the same as the S4 and smaller than the Z1. The viewing angles are amazing!
  • Camera is awesome. Optical image stabalisation and high video capture rate is great
  • Tap On is great... no more fiddling or buttons
  • Buttons on the back are ideal for when your on a call and want to increase/decrease volume
  • Headphones are REALLY great!
  • Battery life is great too. It easily lasts over a day without charging even with heavy use.

Here;'s whats not so great:

  • There's too many bells and whistles in the software. I spent the first few days figuring out how to turn most of it off
  • 16gb storage isn't so good but then with unlimited data on 4g and dropbox, spotify etc its not so big a deal

Overall im really happy i ditched my iPhone 4s and got the LG G2. Its worth it plus i got a great deal on Three.