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Thread: Real Estate Investment Properties

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    Default Real Estate Investment Properties

    I am getting into real estate investment properties (buying, rehabbing, and selling). Does anyone have any advice on the most cost-effective way to market my business (e-market AND conventional marketing).

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    Default Don't Spend Too Much On E-Marketing

    My advice is to not spend too much money advertising online because many people don't want to invest money,they're quick to say it's a scam when you mention the word money.Many people don't realize that sometimes it takes money to make money,that's why I have the name PutMoneyToWork because I want the attention of those that are mature and know that you have to invest in your success.I know there are scammers but you have to do your research and don't invest your entire savings.

    Many people want a face to face encounter before they invest big money into a business,they like to feel that they can go after the scammer if they know where they are.

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    The best and cost effective way of investment in property business is to use your capital that is more targeted are. for example you nee to carefully analysis the trend of market so that your cash could not held. As cash flow in this business is really necessary. Georgetown Mortgage Bank


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